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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 26, 2009 03:59 Flag

    I didnt see the match

    can someone give me a synopsis of what happened?

    thanking you in advance


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      Now that i've calmed down and had chance to reflect upon the game, a couple of things things make me wonder if maybe we thew this one away.
      Yes the Penalty clearly changed the shape of the game,but we knew utd we come at us with a passion as they had nothing to lose so to speak and this was the passion we were missing.
      Maybe with a couple of tacticle changes and a bit more fire in our bellies we could have stopped this onslaught?
      We needed to slow rooney down and maybe by replacing corluka with zakora(who i feel has a bit more pace and is strong in the challenge)we might have been able to shut him down a little.Also maybe we could have replaced O'hara for Jenas as sometimes subs really battle that bit harder in order to try and prove their worth.
      I know its ifs and buts but feel we lost the desire a little and sadly with a couple of sloppy keeper eras(especially after two good saves in the first half)this cost us the game.
      YOUR THOUGHTS PLEASE. COYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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      • the reason man utd are the most hated team is because of the biased decisions, the cheating, kicking, bad atmosphere at old trafford, poor support, fake plastic glory hunters & for players like ronaldo & thugs like rooney.
        if it makes u better to think u are hated because u win most things than so be it. but remember u can be the best & liked for example the current barcelona team & for example messi is the best player in the world this season but he is humble & down to earth & much liked. whereas ronaldo last season was the number 1 but he was cocky, arrogant, cheating, diving & hated by many.
        going back to spurs- i think when u are at old trafford u have to stay solid, ride your luck & most importantly stop man utd getting any momentum or else they will dominate.
        which is why it goes back to the bad pen call-it gave them momentum,it got the crowd behind them(even thou its poor considerin theres over 60,000 utd fans there), it got spurs feelin sorry for themselves & put us right under pressure- yes ew crumbled under the pressure which is our own fault. but it wouldnt have got to that point if the ref hadnt given the pen & we still had the 2goal cushion.
        i dont blame gomes as the match was over when & if u think he made mistakes.

    • having watched football for the last forty odd years, the only assumption i have come to is that football is a funny old game...a cliche yes but true........not every clear cut misjudgement changes the shape of a match but in this case i think it did because it allowed man u consolidate after being in a completely stunned position..........as for football pundits, who the hell listens to them, irrespective of which tv channel they pop up on......a crowd of selective memory, biased montebanks, you are never more likely to meet....



    • I'm glad you hate us spur's babe....means were doing something right.....and by the way dont think we get everything going for us

    • its obvious the match changed on the pen,even lee dixon said it did(as did hansen & lineker).
      u got to be stupid to think they would have still scored 4 if they didnt get the pen & to think the game would have been the same.
      iv grown to really hate man utd.

    • Evening Gary,

      Well I watched the game down a Spurs pub ( in Bethnal Green ) and I have to say that we were good value for our 2-0 half-time lead until.....

      Howard Webb gave an extremely controversial penalty to the Mancs ( which changed the game ).

      Enough said!

    • We started well...they bribed the ref (Man U or the F.A. take your pick)...we couldn't recover...usual backhanded shite from the manc scum