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  • Old Fan Old Fan Apr 27, 2009 14:24 Flag

    F**king Penalty? Yes or No?

    The jackass commentators were all on about how "it's difficult to see when things are moving at speed, blah blah, blah" and then "the ref has to be absolutely convinced that it's a penalty before he gives it."
    So any dumb sob should have been able to deduce that as the ball made an abrupt left turn at the point of contact, Gomes got his hand to the ball ... as I doubt that Carrick was trying to pass the ball to the left wing!!
    Criminal call - and while we should have kicked on and held the bastards, the fact remains that it was a game changer and cost us a game we were controlling and had manure on the back foot. Interesting that in one second a wanker of a ref can perhaps confirm manure's title while possibly denying us a path into Europe next year. He should be beaten like a rented mule!