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  • i know this has been covered, but i'm gutted after the w/e, in the first half we were all over em like a cheap suit, then the wino saf puts all his forwards on the pitch and what happens? the poorest defending i've seen since the beginning of the season from us! yep they stepped it up but our defenders were being pulled all over.

    didn't expect to get much out of this game in the first place, but in the first half i thought it might happen, imo, a very iffy penalty decision changed everything.

    was i surprised they were awarded a penalty? not in the least, id've been more surprised if they weren't! but then again the mancs and bindippers do get lucky like that at home don't they.........;-)

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    • Im not sure I will get away with posting something without my pet gooner replying berlin but as I have left him a few scooby snakcs dotted around elsewhere I'll have a go anyway...........

      I am gutted about the result too mate and yet on friday I was predicting a possible point for us. Im not concerned about losing at OT to the top team but more the nature of our abdication. As you point out our defence crumbled under real pressure and it was possibly our first choice back four at that. Im not buying into any conspiracy theories but it was not a penalty IMO and it changed the game completely........dont often wish for a dour 0-0 but that was a big kick in the b*lls after our recent form eh?
      Even if we get 7 points from our last 4 games we may have to hope Fulham and the others slip up now if we want europe.