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  • Jay Jay May 7, 2009 15:53 Flag

    Fao Jay (Jamie Noice)

    and you obviously have trouble with your reading and writing as you have spelt my name wrong! Der!

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    • Have you noticed how the Froggie loving sh1te stinking gooner thinks its really funny to post messages that show the real names of some of the Spurs supporters as if that is some sort of killer punch that only he can deliver because he is cleverer than anybody else on here?

      What a plonker - I don't have a problem with anybody knowing who I am. If they don't like anything I have an opinion on then they can come and see me to talk about it. gunnersburygooner on the other hand likes to hide behind his numerous ID's and who can blame him - as someone who is just as disliked on his own board as this one he is probably wise to keep his real identity a secret. That said, even on here he can't hide that really horrible smell that comes off his every word.