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  • Wolfie will be saying farewell for now even though I will continue to check in every so often ( without adding any comments ) my reasons for this are twofold.

    1. I just think that thse boards are not being used in the way they should be used - I'm probably as guilty of that as much as anyone else so I'm thinking of giving these boards a rest for a while and coming back in a few months time to see if anything has changed in my absence.

    2. I will concentrate on getting myself fit ( if I'm not fit enough already ) for the London to Brighton cycle race in June and have applied to participate in the London Marathon 2010 ( running for Cancer Research UK ).

    So for now, Wolfie will be signing off!

    Be good nice to each other while the Wolfman is away...!

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    • Farewell Mike, we'll miss you.

      Totally understand your sentiments though - I don't post much on here either as I'm fed up with the muppets and to$$ers who seem to think it's funny to post inane rubbish in the hope of winding us all up.

      Maybe come back just before the beginning of the season and hopefully things will have improved.

      Good luck with the cycle ride next month.


    • tc wolfie good luck with the london to brighton thing dont stay away to long

    • you can always find many of us at the gentlemens club if you need a relaxing time......in the meantime mike, take care and make sure you train well, you know that ride aint as easy as it looks to many........

      all the best


    • GOOD LUCK WOOFIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Enjoy your comments,and maybe on your ride you can overtake a few gooners as we will eneviatablly do in the near future.
      All the best JEFFALL. COYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Shut the door on your way out Wolfie

    • Good luck with your admirable efforts, Wolfie---stay off the whisky though.

    • Wolfie - all the best on your future endeavours; they are noble ones.

      I can understand your reasoning for leaving but being a message board veteran myself I've always lived by the "ignore" button when it came to twats trying to ruin a good thing (and this was a good thing). Some of us on here like to mix it up with them (which is what they want...they're obviously attention whores who were neglected by their parents while growing up (or trying to grow up, many of them have yet to make it to that category).

      I've said to myself that I'm going to jack it in at the end of the season (last year I went through the whole pre-season on here following the ebb and flow of the transfer market, right up to the season's beginning...WHAT A WASTE OF MY TIME THAT WAS!!! But, I have no one to blame for that but myself.

      I've definitely noticed a drop off in posts by pretty much everyone that'sregular on here (its even worse on the Fans Of Tottenham fantasy board...that board took such a shellacking at the hands of idiots at the beginning of the season that it pretty much died.

      One thing I do notice though; those muppets stay well clear when we're winning...so lets hope we can run out the rest of our games on a winning note for some peace and quiet in here.

      Good Luck, again Wolfie!!

    • Hey Mike - come back soon. If all the decent posters left we would be in real trouble.

      Good luck in the race(s).

    • it would appear that most of our regular posters are getting pissed off on this board with some of the morons that are infesting it at the moment, shame that a few cretins are driving people away from what is without doubt one of the best boards on here, whu being in there as well, hence the gentlemans club set up.

      i personally don't get much time anymore to post much, every few days or so, but even then you have to wade through so much bile and idiotic rubbish from people that obviously have a mental age the same as their shoesize.

      so i can fully understand your feelings mike, but like the saying goes, 'don't let the b.....d's grind you down!' ;-)

    • bye buddy, all the best for the marathon. It is a charity very poignant and close to my heart.
      I too don't comment as much as I used to, get p1ssed off with all the stupid spats on here. Like you I look on here but can't be bothered to get involved with the pettiness.