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  • Sage Sage May 16, 2009 09:36 Flag

    Spurs recent transfer strategy...

    Well I can appreciate your passion for your club Yiddo however I'm certainly no Gooner, again to quick at making judgement a Spurs trait. At least Wenger has principles unlike the man Levy who has now teamed up with the clown called RedKnapp which by the way you play should be rednose and he should stick to adverts as they are more entertaining than the football you play. Still don't worry as soon as his dummy falls out he will move on to a bigger club like southampton, oh no he can't do that he already ruined that club.
    How many times have you finished in the top four and qualified for the Champions league, sorry can't hear you! point proven! and if i'm not mistaken you have spent far more money than your more illustrious neighbours and for your efforts have won the cardboard cup so what ask anyone with brains what would they prefere, CC or champions league. I know it is hard for you but have a wild guess at what the masses voted for.
    Little recap.
    Racist supporters, never played in champions league, always flatter to decieve, souless and morally bankrupt manager and chairman. Yep we all have a lot to be really envious off Really!!
    As previously stated you actually believe that you are a big club. Here is a shock clubs bigger than you other than the big four Man City, Aston Villa, Everton, Newcastle,

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    • Well shock horror...you come on a Spurs forum and talk up the ar5e (or out of it in your case)...what did you expect? I see you're called Sage not for your wisdom but rather a connection to chicken and stuffing! Quite a bitter little fellow arent you?
      As for this small club big club b*llox...well we all know that belongs in the playground dont we? So you are either a spotty schoolboy or an adult with learning difficulties...you decide. Either way if you are no goon then why hide behind them? Name your club or are you worried we might take the p*ss?