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    Spurs recent transfer strategy...

    This article (as well as others) would seem to suggest that Spurs recent transfer strategy over say the last 5 or 6 seasons hasnt really worked.

    well it doesnt take a footy blog to tell me that......recent league standings kind of suggest the same thing eh?
    Since Levy came in and first appointed Frank Arnesen the club have attempted to buy up as much young 'potential' in the hope that they would progress into great players and propel the club forwards as a result. Initially it worked with BMJ taking us to 2 fifth place finishes but looking at the list of players who have failed to live up to expectation is it any wonder we havent quite managed that final hurdle?
    Bale, Boateng, Tarrabt, Huddlestone, Gunter, Bostock, Kaboul, Dos Santos...erm Davenport!! These are just the ones off the top of my head who havent quite matched the hype of their arrival at the Lane..........now I realise that the jury is still out on a few of these and Im not suggesting they are all utter sh*te....BUT is there some mileage in the theory that this long term policy simply hasnt worked? I am always banging on about those who haven't matched their reputed potential....its my pet subject eh.........but Im wondering what would have happened if we had brought 3 or 4 prime age class acts instead of the 8 or 9 kids with promise.

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    • you have no strategy, you now have bagpuss signing players like second hand cars!

    • QUESTION::
      . . How many cups have the gunners won in the last 4 years..?
      ANS:: 'ZERO'

      .. Did spurs win any silverware recently ( within 4 years)?

      if it was a 'micky mouse' cup.., why dint arsenal win it.???

      . . n about yielding the the under 19 team..,arsenals main playin 11's average age would be around 21 only.. .. so makes no difference...

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      • The Arsenal sent their kids out to play unlike the actions of a desperate manager who has spent too much on mediocrity and has to justify it with a hollow cup. Portsmouths cup appears to be considerably better than yours. You really are grasping if you think you are a better team than Arsenal and you are seriously mentally impaired if you think the Yougart Pot you won carries any real cred at all. Typical Spurs fan who has idea's above their station and actually believe that they are a top side.

    • As they say EY - you pays yer money yer makes your choice.

      It's not like we haven't paid out big during that period as well(Bent, Bently, Pav etc.) but I hear what you are saying. I don't think we will be going down that rd while Arry is in charge.

      just goes to show tho....it takes more than money to make a really great team.

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      • Too true Sfer....I just hope the days of paying silly money for the likes of Bent and Bentley are over too.......I dont mind seeing us part with big bucks but FFS let it be worth it for a change......how many times have we watched our dosh dribble down the drain on show ponies and donkeys the past few years? We all know Harrys rep in the transfer market and this summer he will have money and a certain amount of clout to really show us what he is made of............as we yiddos are used to saying................fingers crossed then!!

    • EY,
      That's one of them there hypotheticals that is.

      If the youngsters had shone, then the question wouldn't have arisen (and I still think that Huddlestone, Bale, Gunter could be brilliant signings) - but ok, I take the point that they haven't shone.

      Any team is a balance (Arsene is seeing the effect of lacking size and maturity) between a variety of things - resilience, speed, maturity, skill, strength, hard work, vision. I think where 'we' failed is that we focused on a couple of the above attributes and IMHO with a view to make money by selling on the players after a couple of seasons (not necessarily to create a balanced squad).

      I think I semi understand the 'arry comments re the squad - when he came in he praised them and true, they're a talented bunch - but the balance was wrong - so he then started talking about us not having depth to perform in multiple competitions.

      So, in answer to your question, as long as you balance your 'youth' policy with a couple of heads who have been there and done it, then I don't see a problem and I personnally would prefer that as a policy rather than buying in the finished product (alleged - look at Bentley, Rebrov, Pav ...) for two reasons 1) You don't then end up with a squad that every few years needs replacing in its entirety 2) you can mould the player to the team, not build the team around the player.

    • Good call, but we do need to make sure the kids get a chance Bale will come good im sure, Huddlestone will too but not in midfield at the back, The rest are i agree total crap. Harry should bring in some top notch youngsters as well as proven quaility players to make things happen next season and he cant do that unless he gets rid of the rubbish that is just there for the money sitting on the bench if they get picked like Bentley the former gooner that performs more infront of a mirror than in front of us loyal Spurs fans . We can and will break into the top 4 with Harry in charge

    • Look at your Under 18's full of talent. Stop whinging!!! I am telling you this and I am a Gooner. Only Utd City and maybe Chelsea can spend on the ready made article at 30m or more season after season. Everyone else has to bring them though.

      Sorry but your getting a new stadium, join the club.