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  • matt matt May 8, 2009 01:33 Flag

    Refs, Bad Decisions and Cheating

    The only thing the ref got wrong last night was not issuing red cards to all the chelsea players who surrounded him at the end. Spurs have now had 2 shocking decisions at Old Trafford, a yard over the line anyone?! and a penalty that never should have been given.Its all part of the game. No sense threatening to kill people over a what is just a game.

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    • if the ref got 1 of the pen decisions right than the players would have been agresive towards him. they should have had at least 2 pens & 1 that could have gone either way.
      hes cost them a place in the final & probably the last chance a lot of those player will have of winning the champions league.
      yes it was wrong the way they behaved but u cant criticise a player for being emotion. it does show how well our players behaved after some injustices,most notably at old trafford.
      uefa will ban ballck & drogba for 3 or 4 european games next season,so they will be punished for there unsporting behaviour.

      going back to your main point,i do agree. im not proud of football or footballers these days. when i got into football during the italy 90 world cup, i could say i was proud of football & the way the players played & behaved.
      now its all arrogant greedy fairys.
      the people who run football are no better.

      the champs league is a farce & sham of a final. and this is meant to be the centre piece of european footie.

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      • ''the champs league is a farce & sham of a final. and this is meant to be the centre piece of european footie''.

        Apart from the obvious (prostituting the competition for financial gain) I cant see what was wrong with the old format.......the champions in each league in a knockout setup. It was a true 'sporting' event with the chance that a smaller club could get to the final or even win it........Nowadays you could put your mortgage on picking 6 of the 8 quater finalists at least.
        An whats all this BS of the 3rd placed in each group parachuting into the latter stages of the uefa cup.......what a fcuking cheek!!
        Its a money grabbing circus and the uefa fat cats (most of whom have never kicked a ball in anger).....require a firing squad. But....apart from that.........lets hope we get there soon (im just a whore at heart lol)