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  • Jlock Jlock May 8, 2009 15:43 Flag

    Refs, Bad Decisions and Cheating

    How do you stop it?
    I don't hoenstly know - I think that the malaise is symptomatic of society. Rudeness, thuggery, ignorance and overbearing sense of self seem to be entrenched. That's the first point.
    Secondly, the 'media' love it. Just look at how many 'news' stories it spawned - let alone the fact that it gave Jamie something to go on about on Sky. Bad news sells. Rooney acting the tw*t sells.
    Thirdly money. The 'game' needs the big names to attract the audiences to fuel the money-go-round. So who will act against the cheats and ban them? Who would have the bottle the red card Rooney when he next hurls a tirade of foul abuse at an official?

    I saw that poll over J Barton and there are still 21% of those who bothered to vote who say he should continue. The man is a thug - and I know that you can also have a plumber who's a thug, a banker who's a thug (although in a rich way!) and I know that thuggery isn't a valid reason to get rid of anyone - BUT - he's a thug on the pitch. That then is different - I don't think a plumber would be employed if he beat up his mate or abused a customer or his boss. So that needs to be addressed - those 21% need to realise that that sort of behaviour isn't acceptable anywhere, let alone on a football pitch.

    'Respect'. What happened to that? To me only one person should be able to approach the ref or linesman - the captain. If he is abusive in any way, then it should be an instant red card. You can make a point without abuse - you can be angry, frustrated, adrenalin fuelled - but you don't have to be abusive.

    'Cheating'. The Andy Gray 'Its a man's game' type comments should be banned. If someone cheats by pulling a shirt, it's a foul. It's a free kick and in the area it's a penalty - simple. Using your arms to obstruct a player is just that obstruction. That is also a free kick. The rules are already there. Use them. I would announce that the rules will be enforced - then have a high profile friendly to show what the refs will accept and won't. I bet by the time the saeson starts there will still be a couple of shirt pulls - but at least you'd have started to drive it out of the game.

    Finally, education. My son went to a local summer soccer school a few years back and the first thing that the coach said was that if you spat or swore you're straight off the pitch. But why did he need to say that? The kids only spit/swear cause they see it on the box. They also now argue with the ref - at kid level, because they see theor heros doing it and think it is acceptable. It isn't.
    By the time the kid has been playing from age 6 to under 18 level, then there's 12 years of bad practice to eradicate. Teach them well from the outset.

    Football is a beautiful game - hard, fast and not for wimps. I'm not saying in the slightest '...make it no contact...' far from it - the art of a good tackle (and some dodgy ones) is intrinsic - without that the game loses it's edge. It's an art. Teach it. Don't teach jumping in with two feet at ankle level.

    Bet you wished you'd never asked....!

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    • Over the years I have slowly become as much a Rugby fan as a football fan and there are two main reasons. First the way that the Ref has total control and the players respect his decisions, good or bad, and even a players own team will drag him away if he is even looking like making a complaint.

      Secondly, I have never seen any trouble either inside or outside a rugby game and in fact I have been to matches where both sets of supporters are singing together in the pub and really enjoying the occassion without any thought of causing trouble.

      And that is without the fact that the players are real men who would not dream of falling over feigning injury in order to gain any sort of advantage.

      Until football gives the Refs complete support and the players are told the "any" misdeamenour (including the things that have now become commonplace such as shirt pulling) will be punished then I am afraid it is only going to get worse.

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      • Sfer,
        Sad indictment isn't it?
        The old addage 'a gentleman's game played by thugs' and a 'thug's game played by gentlemen' for describing the two games is only too true.

        It'll change Sfer - all things have a cycle - wheels within wheels. I just hope the money men don't become over greedy and self obsessed and drive the game into the ground before it happens though.

      • The old football compared to rugby analogy is always a good one and its amazing the contrast in manners and protocol when you consider that rugby is a far more aggressive sport played by bigger men who could handle themselves if needed.
        When I see the likes of Drogba leaping around pointing fingers in faces it always makes me laugh as its obvious that w*nker couldnt handle himself in a 'proper' situation...know what I mean? Remember his bravery once that Spurs fan was grounded by the stewards a few years back? Putting the boot in like a true hero haha. I reckon my ol mum could deck that big girls blouse. Anyway I digress........the respect paid to rugby refs is astounding and all that off the ball stuff we see in football inthe penalty area at corners etc...well that is penalised very harshly in rugby isnt it? As pointed out its obstruction....why is it 'acceptable' in football (where we dont even use our hands and arms??) Im not saying we should eradicate a bit of argy bargy...its part of the game but it should be penalised when seen by an official as in rugby....they have touch judges whos job is to watch out for that sh*t...............hang on what am I saying? Didnt I write something recently along the lines of keeping our game as it is?..........Its a conundrum to be sure!