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  • DEREK W DEREK W May 8, 2009 17:57 Flag

    Refs, Bad Decisions and Cheating

    when the tiger moth was a caterpillar as they used to say,i used to play cricket....i was a leg break spinner and in one match in particular i got a batsman caught behind twice.....the umpire gave him not out both times.....i found out later he was his father!....i was incensed ...it ruined my day because i knew i had been cheated.....so i can understand Chelsea's reaction.maybe (not condone).....and i think that the referees incompetence both at man u and stamford bridge cost
    spurs and chelsea the game.....i can empathise.....i was livid over webb.....it seems wrong somehow that there is no redress.....but that is life i suppose.....i think we have had suffered more than we have gained from ref's incompetence or lack of bottle....i .could have an idealistic outlook rather than a realistic one.....ah well....it is history now..../

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    • Its interesting that you point out the 'idealistic' and 'realistic' viewpoints Derek......I suspect that if you asked any fan of any club whether they felt more 'cheated' by refs than 'favoured' over the course of a season then you would only get one answer. We as fans are always quick to recall the times we have been dealt an injustice by the officials but are we as quick to remember the decisions that have gone for us, or the mistakes that were overlooked that actually helped us?
      Its true that these things probably even themselves out over a season but try telling that to Fletcher, Gomes, Hiddink or Derek W!

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      • Reminded me of the bit in "The Damned United" when Brian clough tells the Leeds players that they only won by cheating.

        I remember Seeing Martin Jol after the Man U (ball over the line) match.He said "to be honest I'd have settle for a point, but three would have been nice, That's football". However, If the league had banned the Man U keeper for 6 Matches for "unprofessional Behaviour" as he KNEW the ball was in and pretended it wasn't that'd be an incentive.

        I'm No arsenal fan, but Arshavin falling in the box and gesturing to the ref that it was not a penalty was pure class. Sadly, that's not what is popular.

        So hands up those surprised by the sight of some Premier Big boys surrounding and intimidating a Referee as they weren't happy. And again no punishment. Like at Old Trafford, the refs feel pressured to give the team what the fans want. If a Man U player dives and cheats, and the ref is deceived then empty the stands for a game. No pressure on the ref then.

        What you'll tolerate, is the best you'll ever get.

    • ...I know this starts getting in the realms of metaphysics and butterflies flapping their wings in some Amazonian forest...

      BUT, all decisions in any game are as important as any other as they are all inextricably linked. The fact that the ref held up play for Dogba to get his head seen to, effectively directly contributed to the Barcelona goal. Surreal, but true, as if the ref hadn't stopped the game at that point, the whole of the subsequent match would have been different. So, to me, I've never been a subscriber to the '...he got the big decisions wrong...' - as the 'big' decision only came about because of some other decision that he already made.

      It's the 'I'm going to change my socks' syndrome. Because of that 7 seconds you spent changing your socks, someone died and someone lived who would have died. 'Cause you leave home 7 seconds late, you miss the bus and take the car. Because you took the car, the car behind missed the lights - but gambled on amber/red and got hit by a car coming the other way....but the car behind him who could have been in that situation had you not been there is now a witness rather than a victim.

      All for the colour of a pair of socks.

      The decision just looks bigger..