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  • Sfer Sfer May 8, 2009 20:33 Flag

    Refs, Bad Decisions and Cheating

    I agree with you to a certain extent John but there is a big difference for example in making the wrong decision about a throw in and whether or not a ball crossed the goal line. Then add in the vast sums of money involved in the BIG games and I really am not sure we can leave those decisions to a bunch of Ref's that, in my experience, have never played the game themselves.

    I am behind technology being introduced but only for specific calls such as Penalties, over the goal line or not, fouls that the Ref wants to check to see if it is worth a red or violent off the ball incidents. Other than that we should accept the Ref's decision whether we think it is right or wrong.

    Anyway, your sock analagy works both ways i.e. if the guy does not change his socks somebody could get killed because he was on time rather than late so nobody can live by that theory otherwise no one would do anything at all for fear of some terrible accident happening to somebody somewhere in the World. We are not talking about general life issues here - this is about the same issues that the rulers looking after Rugby and Cricket thought about and came up with a "Yes" to introducing technology.

    On balance, subject to careful control, I am in favour of it if only because it would cut out a lot of the cheating that t0ssers like Drogba gets away with. I could put up with a few minutes of delays during a match if people like him were put off playing for fear of getting caught.