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  • Jlock Jlock May 8, 2009 23:24 Flag

    Refs, Bad Decisions and Cheating

    The point with technology used in subjective situations is still that - the subjectiveness. A ball crossing a line is not subjective - it either did or didn't happen. So, me being me, when I saw the Chelsea game would not have given the two 'handballs', as I (IMHO) didn't think that the player moved his hand to the ball in either case. The Dogba foul, I think I would have given. But that's me. You probably have other ideas. Refs are the same as you and me - they decide. I bet, even if you had 10 top class refs watching those replays at 1 frame a second, there'd still be some disagreement as to whether it was hand ball or not - simply because the rule itself forces the ref to use a 'subjective' view. IF, the rule said any contact with the hand whether ball to hand or hand to ball, would eliminate that subjectiveness - but it would also make the rule a nonsense - as someone hitting the ball at a player from 2 yds at 60mph - it make it difficult to get out of the way! (and players would then intentionally try to get a player to handball it by whacking the ball at them when they couldn't get out of the way - and that is what the current rule tries to stop).

    So although a replay may sway a decision (and do you then also use replays for when a ref gives something that wasn't, or didn't give something that was?) - it will still be a subjective decision in certain cases. So should a third judge have given those 'handballs' even after looking at the replays? As I said before, even the pundits disagree week in week out after having seen these incidents a hundred times over. Why stop a game to get another subjective view? That you may also disagree with.

    As much as I dislike Drogba as a cheat, I honestly don't know that in that collision with whoever it was, that it didn't jar his spine and cause a rick in his neck. No idea. So was he justified in holding his head and acting as though he had been pole axed? I don't think so - but that is subjective.

    How about a rule, that every time a player holds up play, he has to leave the pitch for a longer time - 10 secs, 30 secs, 1 min - so the more times you drop to the ground 'feigning' the more time you spend off the pitch.

    PS the sock thing ... it does hold, the point was to show the effect of the smallest decision... it wasn't the immediately obvious 'jumping the light' (ie cheating) that only caused the accident (although that was the obvious thing), it was the myriad of smaller decisions that also had to occur for it to take place...

    You may not know it, but your life and anyone elses is simply a concatenation of situations all caused by the weirdest decisions. No one analyses it - but try it. The next time something big happens, look back at all the decisions that you made (concious or not) and those that the ones close to the incident made - then extend that out to what influenced them, then back further ....like looking in one of those reflected images in a mirror - it just goes on an on and on ( a bit like me...;-))