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  • A Yahoo! User May 10, 2009 23:50 Flag

    spurs after barton....unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!

    evidently there is a story in the Sunday Express that spurs(among other clubs) are after Barton the Thug!!!!!......i can't believe it....mind u they went after bellamy.....surely 'arry cant be serious?.....i would be appalled,angry and might even resign!!!!!!!.....any opinions?

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    • You sound a bit surprised, Derek, but these thugs seem to thrive and live on unlike the average man in the street.
      Megson and Allardyce are showing interest and Barton must be laughing his balls off. He shows no respect for life in general, anything or anybody.
      Take a degree in becoming a moron and you might pull in 60 grand a week---Bellamy---Barton---Bowyer, got theirs with flying colours. Harry likes a challenge, if what you say is true he's in for the biggest of his life.