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  • A Yahoo! User May 11, 2009 16:08 Flag

    spurs after barton....unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!

    yes alan ....i am surprised ....i thought in my naivety that integrity was part of 'arrys makeup(alonh with common sense)....maybe he is like these do=gooders.....think they reform bad boys....as you wisely say Barton is laughing his proverbials off.....reminds me of the leopard and his spots....
    i like the rumour that we are interested in tevez.....but can we afford him.....and will he come?

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    • I can't decide how much weight I put on this... on the one hand 'Arry does like resurrecting the ones whose careers seem to be over, I think he'd love to be the man who 'saved' him, but on the other he knows Barton's bad news, & I think he's astute enough to see when it's time to walk away from a player - I just don't think he could be arsed with everything that comes with him.

      When Redknapp arrived he made a big song & dance of how low morale was in camp, & how he lifted it; he knows one bad apple can spoil the cart & I think he might be feeling a bit too settled to want to risk it.

    • All talk of Tevez and which clubs are interested---I mean, which clubs wouldn't be. He's a terrific asset to any team, 110 per center who just loves to be out there.
      It'll be a brave move by Ferguson if he lets him go. But if he does, a club like Spurs if they could compete financially, for me would be gaining a definite payback winner.