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    Its going all the way!!!

    Well after a.......scrappy game we came way with a(if you ask me flukey)win.With fulham beating newcastle their 2 points ahead of us and....they have everton at home.We have liverpool away BUT....with the mancs winning thePL wont liverpool be out of it.......?Its going all the way!!!

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    • Hello me old yid! I've got a heavy workload at school during the summer term - so between class, clinicals and way too much reading, I haven't had a lot of spare time.
      But I'll stay optimistic to the end - where there's life there's hope - I think it's a required attitude to be a yid for 49 years!
      I'm still thinking Fulham are due a bad game at home - and I'm hoping Keano get's fired up for the game at Anfield.

    • no i dont think we will win at anfield and i think fulham will get at least a point in their match. tbh i dont really care and i am ecstatic that we have finished so high after our start. also i think a season out of europe will help us in the league next season especially as there are so many fixtures in the new europa cup.

    • i wouldnt like to call it evertons season is done so liverpools
      its gonna go to the wire also cant make me mind up if not qualifying for europe will be a bad thing or a good thing

    • Sorry im talking about 7th spot if you have not realised

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      • Tough one this... if we were at home I'd be confident we'd get the win, Liverpool have got jack to play for this year now. However, they've still got pride, and it's the last game of the season in front of their home fans, to us; a team they'll think they 'should' be beating consistently but haven't had a great year against. And then there's the Keane thing, they'll not want him to win against them.

        That said, some of it works in our favour too; the captain'll really want it, which should filter through the team, and we've done alright against them so far this season, so confidence'll be high. No to mention the Europe spot, and the pride of getting 7th after the start to the season.

        Also, Fulham have Everton at home next week; Everton will be playing their youth team, and Fulham have a pretty good home record... I wouldn't be surprised if we get our win, but Fulham are odds on to get theirs too.

        Does anyone know where Fulham stay before home matches? Or anyone who makes a good lasagne?


        Finally, a new game; every time between now the end of next Sunday you hear Redknapp say "2 points in 8 games" you add another drink to Sunday's bevvie list. Bring on the pissed up online chat afterwards!