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    Do you think the recent (sort of) tapping up has got Our Favorite Russian (the old folk on here will recognise the reference) going all Billy Big Boots?

    No outcry on the board about his substitute antics (or the reason for his being subbed...the sitter was the straw that broke the camel's back...it was his overall lack of enthusiasm/sharpness/invention/grit up to that point that had Harry bring him off).

    I suppose what he did isn't consideredas bad as ripping your shirt off and slamming it to the turf when subbed (Harry thinks it is).

    Feedback please

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    • When the somersaulting Kenwyne Jones runs out at the Lane, he'll be the perfect foil for the two lightweights Keane and Defoe to play off him.

    • Sell him and sign up Frazier Campbell...He has shown early on and now late on he is more than able to handle himself up front.

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      • Hello chaps, I trust you are all well?

        Can I just point out that Pav played the majority of the Russian season and rather than have a lay-off he came straight to us at the beginning of ours. I know he had a bit of time on the bench but to be fair the guy must be knackered. That's not to excuse what he did on Saturday (although I don't think it was as bad as Uncle Arry made out) but it does suggest that he's not as sharp as he will be after a rest over the summer.

    • I suppose it is Arry who decides if what Pav did was really unprofessional or not and what we think does not really matter. If Arry has already got some doubts then this behaviour will only add to Arry's concerns.

      If he was banging them in every week presumably there would be a different reaction but he has gone off the boil and he is not an Arry buy is he. Add it all up and he may well have cooked his Russian goose! (or whatever else they eat over there!)

    • Sorry, I'm gonna have to go all Wenger on you here... I did not see it.

      This seems to be a regular refrain of mine lately, I've been really busy for the last few months so haven't been able to watch as much footy as I'd like, so I'm not really able to discuss the Downfall of Pav - he was still doing alright last I saw.

      I can't imagine he's the type to allow ego over substance, but I could be very wrong, you've seen more than me so can probably answer that better than I can.

      (I realise I'm commenting here to say I've got nothing to say, but seeing as I've been a big supporter of his I don't want to seem to have a hypocritical silence now he's apparently not playing so well)

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      • I thought he had a poor game and lacked a bit of spark (a big bit in fact) however thats as bad as it got really. His reaction to being subbed wasnt in the same league as a Ghaly or Rooney...he jogged off, shook hands with Campbell and jogged straight down the tunnell (perhaps he was choking back the tears and didnt want to burst out crying in front of everyone!!......ok Im being silly now)......He also came out for the lap of honour at the end and was laughing and joking with the players and kicking balls into the stands. Im for giving him a bit longer to settle and find his feet in the PL.....he has the class...will Spurs be able to unleash it is another question but Id give him the first half of next season to prove it.