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  • Hi there, just here to drop a quick message with a compliment from a gooner.

    While watching one of the European U17 games which the England boys lost 4-0 against Germany, apart from seeing our boy Wilshere impress, I must as much as i hate to that u lot have a good player coming up in England u-17 captain John Bostock.

    Has anyone of u noticed him play?

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    • Not so sure lads...there could be a thinly vield barb here...check the spelling of Wonder Kid's name!! (Yeah, I'm a sh*t stirrer...LOL!!!)

    • Yeah cheers Saad. Nice to hear from a sensible gooner for once. I have been known to pop over to the dark side now and again and I have been quite complimentry about the football that A4se play so it does work both ways.

      Unfortunately life is littered with "potentially" great players that never see a first team game let alone go on to become great players but we are keeping our fingers crossed as usual.

      Wiltshire looks very promising so you might have two English players in your team!

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      • Wow Saad, that must have really stuck in your throat! ;)

        I was going to head down on Sunday but couldn't make it, what did you think of him? Is he a good player now or still in the 'potential' category? Was there a good turn out I imagine so, it might be the U18s, but a Spurs-Arsenal cup final is a Spurs-Arsenal cup final...

    • Cheers Saad.....unfortunatley we havent seen much of Bostock yet.....Harry seems to be keeping him under wraps for now. He's another youngster with 'potential' here at Spurs and we havent had much luck with them lately so the jury is still out on Bostock.
      Well done to your U18s who pipped us for the title this week. I hear both our sides were streets ahead of the oppostion this season so lets hope some of them come through to the big boys eh?