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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 May 25, 2009 01:29 Flag

    End on a down note, but...

    ...we're a damn site better off than our start to the season suggested.

    Had us losing 2-0 in the I know The Score Game...I was right by goal difference (extra 5 points for that). Hate picking against my team but there you go, its not a heartfelt thing.

    The Toon go down...pity that, I had them overhauling Hull and surviving.

    Fulham go to Europe despite the loss...something tewlls me neither us nor the Cottagers wanted to go...Fulham are not exactly equppied to take on the extra fixtures...be interestng to see if they go for it and buy some new talent or not bother and get booted out of the qualifiers to concentrate on the league.

    Everton beat out Villa for 5th...I can see an almighty battle brewing next year with us in the fray for that position or the 4th place spot if one of "those other teams" slip up.

    So let's see if they (the league) have us start AND finish our season away from home next year (in the North!)

    Unitl then, you all have a great summer...I'll check in from time to time (against my plan, but you know this thing is like crack!)...See ya's

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    • it was highly predicatable us losin at anfield but i didnt think fulham would lose too.
      we played pretty poor & sloppy & deserved to lose.

      its always nice to make the uefa/europa cup but if im honest 17 games to win it takes so much out of your team.
      i dont think we could win the europa & challenge for 4th spot.
      its one or the other im afraid.

      8th is a great finish considerin the poor start.well done harry & the boys.

      i couldnt see newcastle gettin anythin at villa,shame to see them go down as they got very loyal passionate fans.

      id happily take 5th spot next season as villa & everton will be up there again & maybe 1 more suprise team. i think fulham will finish a lot lower next season.

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      • We played very poor and sloppy! But to use an Arsenal excuse, we did not have all of our players fit and on the park - no Lennon, no practiced/experienced center back at one position (although I appreciated Corluka's effort), Palacios missing, Huddlestone missing, and Hutton's first match back - so we were without a lot of players that were used to playing together. And that looked glaringly obvious on both wings with Bale and Bentley, and we were really loose in defensive midfield.
        So - as you point out S. Babe, considering where we started out the season, I would have taken 8th if it was offered and ran like my hair was on fire! As optimistic as I am, that's a pretty good achievement!
        It'll be interesting to see who leaves and who joins the club during the off season.
        Best wishes to all for a great summer.