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  • Old Fan Old Fan May 25, 2009 07:08 Flag

    End on a down note, but...

    We played very poor and sloppy! But to use an Arsenal excuse, we did not have all of our players fit and on the park - no Lennon, no practiced/experienced center back at one position (although I appreciated Corluka's effort), Palacios missing, Huddlestone missing, and Hutton's first match back - so we were without a lot of players that were used to playing together. And that looked glaringly obvious on both wings with Bale and Bentley, and we were really loose in defensive midfield.
    So - as you point out S. Babe, considering where we started out the season, I would have taken 8th if it was offered and ran like my hair was on fire! As optimistic as I am, that's a pretty good achievement!
    It'll be interesting to see who leaves and who joins the club during the off season.
    Best wishes to all for a great summer.

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    • Agreed, overall I'm pleased with 8th considering the season we've had, BUT:

      I wish Fulham had got a point this weekend - just the one would have made me happy! Because now it was in our hands and we threw it away. And you may say that it's too many games or it's not the 'proper' European competition, and maybe we can get top 4 without it the added pressure; if we can't cope with Europa & league then how the hell do you expect to cope with CL & league??

      Alos, look at how it's going to affect our transfer activity. Yes, over the last few seasons it's been clear that we're pushing for honours, but what truely ambitious and gifted player's going to want to sign for a team that's not playing Europe at all? Particularly one who's been 'on the verge' of breaking through for at least 4 seasons now - it doesn't make us look like an exciting or genuine force. If it were me, I'd probably be more keen to go to Villa, and having been so careful in recent years and with a squad the size of theirs they're likely to have a bit of cash to splash.

      I'm not really disappointed about not getting 7th all things considered, it just frustrates me that it was in our hands and we blew it (it's the old Spurs back isn't it; snatching defeat from the jaws of victory) and that there seem to be more considerations being overlooked here.

      Personally, I'd like to Intertoto it up (if it even still exists...) because I think it's important for consistency, but I know Harry won't and I know it's not a be all and end all.

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      • Well said blonde, I think you've got it spot on there. Firstly I think you have to have something in addition to money to lure the top players, the Europa Cup is not the CL but its still a European competition and attracts players. Secondly, had we qualified we would probably have had more funds from the Chairman to add to the squad because you need the depth to play that many extra games. The effort that was put in on Sunday was disgraceful, we didn't look like we wanted to qualify.
        Its a lose-lose situation.

        Rambro, you can't disappear for the whole of the close season, we've got the massive Spurs rumour mill to discuss all summer long!!
        Here's to an Ashes-winning Summer!!