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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really May 26, 2009 17:50 Flag

    Spirit Of The Fans

    I'll whisper it Alan, but I was really disappointed to see Newcastle go down, I always enjoy the rivalry with them. However, I'm really glad that Hull didn't go down because I think it's good for football if 2 promoted sides can stay up, which means out of the options I wanted Sunderland to be off (not least because they always nick at least 3 points against us :( ). That said, they are/were Spurs of the North, it seems rude to want rid of them...

    To be honest, I don't think anyone'll miss Middlesborough much, that one's been on the cards for a while.

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    • I agree nbr. On one hand I think clubs as big as Newcastle and with the support they have deserve to be in the PL. On the other hand, with a plonker of a Chairman like they have and the way the club has been run over the last few years there is a line of thought that they should go down to teach them a lesson.

      Borough - to be honest...who cares!

      Sunderland - Quinn a gentleman but any club that has Roy Kean involved deserve nothing. So, on that basis, I would have preferred the Toon to stay up and Sunderland to go down...but what do I know!!! Its only IMHO!! Not a great season for you up North Alan but keep yer chin up mate.