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  • A Yahoo! User May 29, 2009 16:36 Flag

    well its that time again.....

    yep time to speculate and choose who do we want to join 'arrys boys....i go for tevez(no chance)
    cisse,jones.....but who to replace king and some steel in defence?

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    • we are all living in cloud cuckooland if we think tevez is gonna come to the lane. as for cisse and jones, i wouldnt let them in our sunday league side, they cant hit a cows arse with a banjo between them. downing only turns it on when he feels like it thats why Boro went down he had to much responsibility carrying the whole side. evryone said Bentley was the nuts at Blackburn, comes to the lane and whats he done, couldnt even lace Lennons boots. Keep wot we got, need a coupla defenders though but who is there? Barton wouldnt be a bad decision for the midfield, but if huddlestone stays i doubt he would get in the team and that would piss him off so when he does play he would revert to type and kick anything that breathes and we dont need that. i urge the board not to do anything stupid but we all know they take absolutley no notice of the supporters anyway. still think we got a good chance next season though if we can keep most of wot we have.

    • Not bl00dy far enough Alan......

    • How far's America from Russia?

    • I will gladly have one for you and one for me. In fact I might do that several times during the course of the evening!

      I know what you mean about Ashley. I don't think he set out to p1ss several of his millions (how did an idiot like that get rich!!!!) down the Chairmans bog and get Toon relegated at the same time. He just seems like an ordinary Geordie to me - a bit simple and one of the lads who too many people want to take advantage of.

      I actually think he is in fact that bloke on Britains got talent - the one that was the drag act who put his finger in his belly button and then sucked it. Spitting bl00dy image if you ask me!

    • Wish I could join you for that cold beer Sfer so have one for me mate.
      Now onto Ashley...is it just me or do I see him as more well meaning bumbling idiot rather than archetypal black hatted villian?
      I know he has screwed up the Toon badly and is despised up there but isnt he just a rich, p*ssed up 'Barmie' who played fantasy football for real? Everytime I see him on telly or in the papers he looks startled...like a bloke who has just woken up with a mega hangover and a ladyboy under each arm with his wife banging on the bedroom door!.......come on fellas.....ease off the poor sod....weve all been there!........hahaha

    • First good laugh I have had all day EY - thanks. My point was, and this is becoming very surreal, a fox does not have many facial expressions does it whereas a monkey has as many as humans more or less.

      A bit like the old expression "a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp" in that a bulldog is already ugly and chewing a wasp makes it worse which is mildly funny but a fox has an ordinary face so imagining it grimacing is not easy.

      As you can probably tell - it has been a very heavy week and I am already looking forward to my first beer later this evening. In fact I am due in the pub at 5.34 so....with only one and a half hours to go I don't really give a fox anymore!!

      ps The only fire sale I would like to see in the north is one with Mike Ashley on top of it. What he has done to the Toon is a disgrace.

    • Fire sales, that's a good one---and from out of the smouldering remains crawls fat ba-tard Ashes--ley.
      Keep telling you he's a Spurs fan--go on, you can have him back---------please.

    • Have you sussed me out, nbr. Problem is you and me should swap houses for a season and you enjoy all this northern chaos.
      Not a question of losing interest up here, just gets you down a bit. The fog on the Tyne---Smoggies smoggier, but ah. A ray of light beams down on Mackem land.

    • Send a mini bus up north, Derek and we'll shove Wheater in, 6' 4"--Kenwyne Jones, big strong awkward bugger, must be kicking on for 13 stone 7. And dare I say it, Downing when his plaster comes off.
      Any more you need you know where I am.