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    what made you a spurs supporter?

    what twist of fate turned you into a lillywhite. me. my mate tyook me to WHL for the first in 1948
    we rode up on our bikes(bikes opened new worlds in those days) from hayes in middx
    they were in the old 2nd division(which they won)
    playing plymouth argyle....we went into the boys special serction.....new world.deep green pitch,men in black and white.......burgess,bennett,nicholson,ditchburn...
    the hook was in....glory followed ....promotion,FA cups,....giants played at WHL....greaves,blanchflower,mackay,jennings,klinsmann,ardiles....
    .they were the salad days......but the trouble with giving your heart to a team(as opposed to glory hunters ) is ....you get hurt....with rapture comes also heartache
    and at the moment we are getting the
    bad times....let us hope they come back and soon.....

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    • thank you for sharing your memories....boy....does it take me back....different world in more respects than one.....different people different attitudes.....i remember the excitement ,the tension,the relief and euphoria when we won,,,,,,the depths of despair when we lost,,,,,you carried your heart on your sleeve.....shankly was right when he said....'football is not amatter of life and death____it's more important than that!!!!!!!!!'....let us hope those glory days are coming back.....
      those memories are burnt into my brain....travelling on the train from liverpool st.....mingling with the crowd....swelling as you got nearer the ground....thro' the turnstile ,into your seat....ground packed,buzzing....then out they came....trhe crowd cheering.....WOW!......great days.....

    • 1960 - eight years old, and me and Alan (the older guy that lived next door - he was 12) used to hop the bus in Harrow to the tube station, sneak past the ticket collector and hop the train to Liverpool Street, then tell the ticket collector that we got on at Kings Cross - that cost us sixpence. The the train up to WHL (might have been one & six). Entrance to the ground was a shilling, and a program was thruppence - then we'd do the same in reverse on the way home (sometimes even managed to sneak on the train back to Liverpool Street) - a great day out for less than 5s 6d. I too remember being passed over head down to the front.
      The man that really hooked me was Greavesy, although I remember John White being an amazing player, and was in awe of Bobby Smith and Maurice Norman, and amazed at the speed of Cliff Jones. Of course, the entire team were heroes to me, and I have great memories of both League as well as European Cup and Cup Winners games (often on a Wednesday night). Still have a whole bunch of programs from back then - treasures! And I've never so much as contemplated supporting any other team since the first day as a Spurs supporter. Whatever happened to rosettes and rattles?

    • Can't beat you for length of time supporting them Derek - well done on your dedication to the Spurs!

      I recall during my junior school days going through a phase of supporting whichever team had the best looking players (it's a girl thing!) - flirting with the Hammers, Chelski, even Leeds (though never United or Ar5ena1!) before finally settling on Spurs around the age of 10, persuaded by my brother who at 2 years younger than me was a confirmed Spurs fan.

      I grew up with a Gooner-supporting father (he'd supported them since he was quite young) which I think made me all the more determined to support another team. We ended up evenly split with my father and younger brother supporting the Goons and me and my other brother supporting Spurs (my mother keeping well out of it!).

      I didn't get a chance to go to many matches until I was in my early 20s and then they always seemed to lose! The jinx was broken during the successful UEFA Cup run of 83-84 when I watched them beat Bayern Munich, then got tickets for the 2nd leg of the final at the Lane when we won. Joyous occasion.

      Both my kids are Spurs supporters, having been brought up properly, though my daughter wavered somewhat when she was about 11 and supported the Goons for a couple of years before realising the error of her ways and returning to the fold.

      Totally agree about the heartache supporting your team through thick and thin but that's what being a true supporter is all about isn't it. May the good times roll again very very soon.

    • ........I really have not got a clue! All I know is that one day I woke up and BAM I was a Spurs supporter. It might have had something to do with Greavesie or any of the fanastic players that were playing when I first kicked a ball (1960 in the garden and 1963 in the playground) but all I know is that there will never be another team for me.

      And yes there will be great times again. We can say that with some optimism on the basis that we had it once and therefore we are sure we can have it again. I just hope for all us oldies sakes that it is not too far away!!

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      • Circa 1970 was when I consciously remember first being 'Spurs'. Older brother is Chelsea and they had just won the cup....all my family are Londoners supporting the likes of Spurs,QPR and Chelsea....I cant really remember exactly how and why but as I love the whiter shirt and the club badge...it must have had something to do with it...First game I remember was 2-2 at the Lane against Chelsea in 1978...Ossie and Ricky had just joined and...erm...it went proper off outside seven sisters tube as I recall!
        My kids are Spurs (they were simply never given the choice) and they have thanked me ever since......clears throat.

    • Well DERECK.W.You beat me by a year going to W.H.L,and I can remember the Glory days,If your a true supporter,then you will know they will come back (soon) I also remember queuing up June 1953 to get my coronation mug,and pencils,not only Glory days........Happy Days......where have they all gone ?.

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      • My DAD was born in a little street which was in the shadow of the stadium and told me stories of being sent to the front on everybodies hands and crawling through the turnsties between somebodies legs...couldnt wait and then in1960 aged 7 he took me to a match the rest is history my son is spurs and my grandchildren who live in america are spurs
        Somethings are just right.
        Loking forward to next season....then we always do dont we...cos next season is the one COYS

    • funny enough i first started going to qpr with a friend of mine. they had bowles, parkes, clemence et al and were great to watch. i was a qpr fan for a little while then i went to see spurs with another pal and they were levelling off but still had great players like chivers, jennings, peters, coates. i dont really know why but that first game i was spurs and have been ever since.