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  • Berkshire Yid Berkshire Yid Jun 6, 2009 00:02 Flag

    At what price?

    Ive just been thinking with all the money floating around in english football these days ie the likes of super rich clubs like Man utd Chelsea and Man city how good is this really for english football?

    With huge sums of money being offered to players to come to the premiership with Chelsea having been linked with a huge money move for Kaka Man city throwing money at every top player they can get there mucky paws on where does it leave other clubs who get priced out of moves for players because they cant offer the same big money wages or pay the massive transfer fee's?

    Yes its has to be good in a way for us fans to see the best players in the world playing in the premiership but at what cost with liverpool in financal trouble trying to live with the super rich clubs how long before more premiership clubs start to struggle to survive or even start going out of buisness.

    Sooner or later a huge gap will open up in the premiership with only the super rich clubs winning the title and cups and the less richer clubs left to scrap for the leftovers surely this will be the death of the premiership and also what about our international side with the top fottballers from around the world coming over here the future of up and coming english players looks far from rosey

    Is it about time fifa put a world cap on wages and transfer fee's what are your thoughts on this

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    • You're bang on, Berkshire regarding the gap at the top of the premier lengthening.
      How long you reckon before the Champions League cup becomes a permanent league with the elite from each country carrying big financial debt to another level.

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      • That's been mooted before Alan but I believe there was too much of an outcry from the lower leagues across Europe. It may yet come to pass but not for a while yet (I hope). It'd likely be a closed shop too which means no chance of any other teams getting into it as the clubs would be too greedy to want to drop out.

        I'm with Spursbabe on her suggestions, especially number 2. Spurs have been knocked out of the UEFA cup by a CL reject team before and Sevilla won it a couple of years ago because they got a second chance at European footie. There's no point having the UEFA Cup if they don't redress the balance (unless they dock points in the group stages to ensure a more level playing field!). But they won't of course. It all comes back to greed again, pure and simple. Sadly, I don't think Platini will be any help on that score either.

    • Good post Berkshire,

      I remember it was back in 1979 when Trevor Francis became the first £1million pound player everyone was saying that £1million+ transfers wound sound the death knell for the game. Now £1million would not even buy an average league one player.

      With these ever inflated transfer prices it won't be long before we see the first £100million player. All this silly money WILL kill the game as we know it, as it will mean that clubs will have to get the money from somewhere ( ie.. the paying public ).

      I would love to see a cap of say £10million or the game will have no future!

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      • its a tricky 1.i hate the way footie is now with the cheating,diving,greed & unfair rules in favour of the big teams.
        but it be hard to fairly cap wages etc.
        i dont think we should cap wages or fees but i do think we should help out lower league clubs & the big teams shouldnt get so many rules in there favour.heres what i would do,

        1- the team outside the prem should get 75% of the profits in all cup ties involving a prem team & a team outside the prem.

        2 -the team who finishes 3rd in champs league is out of europe, not giving a 2nd chance in the europa league.

        3- european teams should not be given a league cup bye.

        4- any players under 18 poached by premiership teams from lower league teams should have a minium set of clauses like 25% of future sell on fee.