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  • Kentish Maid Kentish Maid Jun 6, 2009 03:55 Flag

    At what price?

    That's been mooted before Alan but I believe there was too much of an outcry from the lower leagues across Europe. It may yet come to pass but not for a while yet (I hope). It'd likely be a closed shop too which means no chance of any other teams getting into it as the clubs would be too greedy to want to drop out.

    I'm with Spursbabe on her suggestions, especially number 2. Spurs have been knocked out of the UEFA cup by a CL reject team before and Sevilla won it a couple of years ago because they got a second chance at European footie. There's no point having the UEFA Cup if they don't redress the balance (unless they dock points in the group stages to ensure a more level playing field!). But they won't of course. It all comes back to greed again, pure and simple. Sadly, I don't think Platini will be any help on that score either.

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    • The thing is the ''top'' teams really don't CARE.If you remember a couple of seasons ago when luton(was it them?)was playing liverpool at anfield the club asked the sh!t-eating scouse if they could share the ticket money as they were in some financial trouble but what do they do?Tell poor old luton to go get stuffed.