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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Jun 10, 2009 18:49 Flag

    Vote for player/goal/young prospect of the year!

    I think you misunderstand the concept of the Tottenham Hotspur Message Boards.

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    • The votes are in:

      Goal: Bentley, obviously
      Player: Lennon (Corluka wasn't even in the shortlist which I'm not impressed by)
      Prospect: Bostock

      Only the goal is the same as I went for!

    • just a thought....we have(supposedly) some great youth prospects....bostock,pekthar,dos santos etc....will they get their chance....or will they get disillusioned and fly the nest to a team that guaratees them a game?.....if harry is going to pursue his avowed policy of buying proven players....where does that leave them....and their poterntial is wasted....there is a rumour that o'hara can go.....he is good

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      • Hasn't Dos Santos been sold?

      • O'Hara - good! well maybe although I am not sure. He certainly is not great is he?

        Don't we want great players not just good enough?

        As far as the youngsters flying the coup - well that applies to just about every club doesn't it. If you have no money then you give the kids more of a chance cos you have no real choice. If you are in funds you are trying to buy qulaity rather than take too big a chance. The youngsters have to weigh up whether or not they want to wait for their chance with a big club or move to a smaller club and get regular football. That same principle applies to any walk of life doesn't it?

        Arry has a record of giving really good youngsters a chance (Joe Cole!) so lets trust him to get the balance right between proven quality and raw youth.