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  • i seen some great players in my time but for me i am privilegred to have seen greavsy in his prime....i still haven't forgiven ramsey for not playing him in the final!!!!....he was a one-off.....

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    • At the risk of repeating myself on here and of making you all very jealous, my greatest moment on a football pitch was playing for Wokingham Town in the old Isthmian league against (I think it was either Barnet or Hendon, I can never remember which) and Greavsie was playing in what turned out to be one of his last games ever.

      He was still a class apart from every other player on the park despite the beer belly, long grey hair down his back (none on his head just down his back), and the fact that he had probably just downed a bottle of vodka.

      With all due respect to my wife and kids - this will probably be the last thing on my mind when I finally can't take anymore and crash my fertilizer stacked Morris Minor into the Houses of Parliament.