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    Squad clearout

    SPURS TO CLEAR OUT: Harry Redknapp is on the verge of a huge clearout of his Spurs squad, with 14 players set to be axed according to the Sun. Those names are David Bentley, Roman Pavlyuchenko, Darren Bent, Gareth Bale, Didier Zokora, Giovani Dos Santos, Ricardo Rocha, Kevin-Prince Boateng and Gilberto, Jermaine Jenas, Tom Huddlestone, Jamie O'Hara, Chris Gunter and Pascal Chimbonda. And that's not to mention Alan Hutton or Heurelho Gomes.

    Mind you this is in the Sun.. That font of literary knowledge.

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    • Redknapp will have been great for Lennon - his confidence has never been high so he desperately needs a manager who'll mollycoddle him. Meanwhile Bents got carried away with himself after the Arsenal game and stopped passing, every time he got the ball 50 yards out or nearer he'd go for goal. As a result the team and fans got pissed off with him, his form suffered more as a result,so they got more pissed off, etc etc.

      I think there was a phase when they were both playing on either wing, and whoever was playing better got to start on the right, at first Lennon was on the left but he gradually started right more & more often, and there was possibly an injury to Bentley which sealed the deal.

      Does that help yid? It's funny how fast we forget this stuff isn't it; it was completely out of my mind til I started to look for the goal.

    • Alan i will ask him when we go for a beer tomorrow.....

    • He seems like a nice bloke..And i looked up about what you said nbr about how he was playing constistentley for us at the start you have got a point.But what i dont understand is ow lennon got his place.....(not that im complaining about speedy gonzalez!)

    • Hummmh---just picturing the guy in a red and white striped shirt spraying Hollywood balls all over the place.
      Now you know what I'm about to say next so I won't hit you with that one---just thinking, can Bentley do somersaults?

    • To be honest Alan I didn't have until I started to look for THAT goal again when looking at the goal of the season contenders. Cos of bloody copyright it was impossible to find a good video of it but I found loads of interviews and clips etc which reminded just how bad things were in September/October time, and he was one of a very small number of players who was on form then and who seemed to be able to keep it up. At one point I was almost hoping Lennon would get injured cos he was doing so badly comparatively!

      I'd (generally!) rather see a team playing their hearts out and losing than winning but not being fit to wear the shirt, and while Bents isn't by any means always in the former category you can't fake passion like that; he knows exactly what that derby's about and it's a pity he can't pass on some of that enthusiasm and love for the game. In that interview he said that night's like that are why you play football, and I'm not convinced it is for a lot of players, so it's always refreshing to see someone who believes it and hasn't been media-coached out of showing it.

      I also think it's a bit shit that Redknapp would prefer to play a RB out of position than play him when Lennon was injured, even when he's playing badly I can't believe he's bad enough to warrant that and I thought he'd be a player to benefit from 'Arry's management style, so I do hope it works out for him.

      Quite a waxing lyrical there on my part!

      This is new... you offering to take one of our players rather than offload your rubbish onto us - you feeling alright?!

    • why is he getting rid of o'hara,bale,dos santos,pav,gunter.And i have a feeling if we get rid of bentley and bent they will come back to haunt us.....

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      • The old 'coming back to haunt us' argument is somewhat illogical yoty...no offence meant of course but really.. whats the point of keeping a player for fear he might score against us elsewhere? I know your not suggesting we hang onto these players for that reason.... but its a rarity when a player returns to an old club and takes the p*ss and Id rather have the 12 million quid for Bentley and take the risk no? As for Bent...well one will go in off his ar5e against us in the future Im sure.....I'll still probably laugh and heave a sigh of relief.
        Anyway....why should they go off and be a success elsewhere when they had the world at their feet when they joined Spurs and blew it.......Yeah Bentley scored a beauty against his old club the goons and look where it got him (and us)......fcuk em I say!

    • I know its all paper speculation at the moment but I personally wouldnt lose too much sleeo over anybody on that list andrew.
      My rule of thumb this season is to give HR a chance to work with a squad that he has put together himself ...and only then will I pass final judgement as to whether I think he knows what he is doing.
      Yeah there is a couple of names on that list I would like to see remain at WHL and see if they can improve (Gomes, Bale and Pav maybe) but the rest.......'whatever'!
      Id be more concerned to see the likes of Modric, Woodgate, Palcios, Defoe, Lennon.....appearing in the press gossip pages so for the meantime Im happy to see all this wild speculation continue until Harry has had a proper chance to prove that he can do it at a bigger, wealthier club with his own purchases.