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  • why is he getting rid of o'hara,bale,dos santos,pav,gunter.And i have a feeling if we get rid of bentley and bent they will come back to haunt us.....

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    • The old 'coming back to haunt us' argument is somewhat illogical yoty...no offence meant of course but really.. whats the point of keeping a player for fear he might score against us elsewhere? I know your not suggesting we hang onto these players for that reason.... but its a rarity when a player returns to an old club and takes the p*ss and Id rather have the 12 million quid for Bentley and take the risk no? As for Bent...well one will go in off his ar5e against us in the future Im sure.....I'll still probably laugh and heave a sigh of relief.
      Anyway....why should they go off and be a success elsewhere when they had the world at their feet when they joined Spurs and blew it.......Yeah Bentley scored a beauty against his old club the goons and look where it got him (and us)......fcuk em I say!