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    I'va always liked Hudd, and would like to see more of Dos Santos - but where do you play 'em? In the middle we have Palacios and Modric, Lennon on the right, which leaves a need for a left sided player - which isn't Hudd - although I think he deserves a place backing up Modric. I do think that Dos Santos could play back up up front, as well as the kid from the youth team (forget his name), - which would then give us 6 strikers to pull from - interesting juggling act for 'arry to manage. And while I hope that Pav shows what he's capable of (now that he's actually had a rest after 3 back to back seasons), and I hope that Bent ups his stroke rate, and I hope that Keano regains his form, ... that's a lot to hope for ... so I wouldn't be adverse to bringing in a top level striker - which is unlikely to occur as we do not have European footie this year. So the best we can hope for is someone that has potential (something that my teachers used to use to describe me when I was younger .... i.e. the lazy bugger doesn't apply himself!). Bottom line - is that unless we can find a diamond in the rough that 'arry can work his magic on, let's stick with what we've got and get them all playing up to potential with some youngsters snapping at their heels - I think that's more realistic.