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    The kids

    I thought I posted this a while back, but apparently not.

    Looking at our 'youngsters', who would you like to see getting a break through this season? Do you think any of them are ready? Is there any position you think it would be appropriate to start moving someone up to (e.g. I reckon if we had a fairly advanced LB it'd be a good time to bring them through rather than get a new one in...
    I'm just not sure that we do have one).

    Any thoughts?

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    • I reckon John Bostock should be given more of a run out this season - he's played well for the England U17s recently so I believe and it would be nice to see him step up a gear.

      Don't know much about the rest of our youngsters unfortunately :-(

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      • I think the problem we arguably have is that those who seem ready are quite forward playing - I'm 90% sure I'm right in saying Bostock & Rose are both AMs, then we have the likes of Obika & Pekhart who are strikers, all of whom I'd like to see a bit more but I don't see an easy opening for them. As I remember Pekhart is a big frontman who was supposed to be learning from Berbatov with a view to breaking through some time soon, he's been around for a good few years so surely now's the time for him to at least get a squad number.

        if, as seems inevitable, Bent's off this summer perhaps the plan is to have 3 'main' strikers and bring one or two of them through? We'll have significantly less games next season and it's not been possible to keep 4 first team strikers happy up until now, but I've consistently heard good things about Obika so perhaps it's time for him to step up a bit. A striker like him or Pekhart is unlikely to be used a lot so shouldn't be a risk as such, but can learn a lot from the bench.

    • Danny rose....striker give him a run in cup games see how he does....Look at man u this season with all their youngsters.......