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    the greatest ever spurs player....


    what a choice....greaves,hoddle,mackay,blanchflower....my vote goes ti jimmy!!!!!!

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    • sfer you make some relevant and telling points....maybe the mists of time distort what was then and we see it thro' rose tinted nostalgia....but it was more equal then....teams could cause upsets more frequently.....nowadways big money CAN buy success and domination.....which is ok if you are a follower of that particular club....but purgatory if you ain't
      ...anyway i think that that the young fans of today have lost a lot in that todays game is all about winning...the end justifies the means....anyway i saw greavsy in his pomp !

    • Some good points Derek. The thread is for Spurs supporters so we have not had the usual mindless idiots bothering to post which helps. Also of course, Spurs supporters realise that we are not all going to agree on this but they do ackowledge that every player mentioned was/is a Spurs hero so no need to get annoyed about anything.

      As far as the game being better or worse off well that is also a difficult one as only the old boys like you and me can even try and draw a comparison. Yes it used to be better from a fair play point of view and it was not all about money BUT ask a 20 something and they have nothing to compare todays game with. Also, loads of money does not necessarily make a winning team nor beautiful football. It helps of course but it's not guaranteed.

      If you look at the standard of football played now compared to 30 or 40 years ago you would have to say that it is quicker, technically better and therefore arguably more enjoyable to watch but the cheating and posing is definately not doing the game any good at all.

    • what is great about this discussion is it measured calm and civilized....not hysterical rantings and confrontational like some other teams boasrds ive seen....but then it is internal...
      a very good pont was raised about eras ....then and now....i think attitudes have changed with managers too....in my day the usual formation was ,2,3,5.....not 4,5 1 like now
      ....made for a wide open game.....a r ight or left winger was just that....dribblers and flair players were the norm ,not novelties like now...a leather ball.....try whacking that on a wet winters day !....or getting hit in the reproductive regions...uuughg!!!!
      any team could give another team a good game.....the league was more open...but now?.....has the game lost or won.....now man city has got big bucks and become a 'player'.....which widens the gap between the 'haves and have nots' even more...is it ok that 4 or 5 teams are the front runners ....and then the rest fight over the scraps?
      ...it is all about winning and not about the 'beautiful' gamr
      ....am i being profound or just nostalgic?

    • Moi - split hairs EY! How very dare you....

      Yes of course it is all subjective and if you asked only supporters over 50 you would get a different result than if you ask those under 25.

      To be honest, although my vote still goes to Greavsie (and I was lucky enough not only to see him play but to actually play against him (ok I know he was over the hill by then but) ) I don't really care who wins the overall vote. They all have been great players for Spurs.

      Looking forward to perhaps seeing a few more "greats" next season!

    • Well if we are going to split hairs here Sfer (and if anyone is going to its gonna be me and you!) the original post asked for Spurs 'greatest' player........surely greatest is open to all sorts of permutations? Even the original article had Perryman as an option so obviously not confined to our spectacular impact players!
      Anyway that said I agree with you about Perryman...loyal servant n all that but obvioulsy not our 'best ever' player. Im still thinking about my choice as I cant decide whether to go for only players I had the privalege to see in action or ones that were before my time (sadly I never got to see Greaves and Blanchflower et al) Lets face it these choices are very subjective....e.g should a plastic 20 yr old Manc be choosing Best or Law for instance? Probably my greatest 'high' as a yid was seeing Ricky plant the ball under the Citeh keeper in the 81 final....I nearly floated out of the room...I havent actually topped that high yet.....perhaps he is 'my' greatest ever Spurs player?
      As to 'THE' greatest Spurs player....we will have to accept the vote of the majority I reckon.

    • Hope Gazza logged in to see he came second---he'd be delighted. He still carries great passion for Spurs.

    • I would have to vote for Greavsie. :))

    • Danny Blanchflower gets my vote forever a legend at the lane

    • Danny Blanchflower gets my vote forever a legend at the lane