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  • Is it me or is it a bit quiet?
    I know the window hasn't technically opened yet but at this time over the last 2 or 3 years we were being linked to every player and his brother - sorry - every player and his Dad!!
    I'm wondering if Comolli was leaking all those stories to make himself look good. One way or another the leak seems to have been shored up!! Either that or all our transfer traffic is gonna be one-way!!!

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    • Look at it this way Big G - either there really is nothing going on which is a bit scary OR there are negotiations going on in private which is exactly the way it should be.

      Either way, we can't do anything about it.

    • Well...now wednesday and still nothing seems to be happening Big G...and as you say most talk surrounds who is leaving the Lane rather than coming to it. Today has Zok, Bent, Hutton...even Keane and Gomes all on their way.
      As mentioned we are usually so inundated with speculation (aka utter cr*p) at this time of the year (more than any club I know) that its almost refreshing to have sweet FA to gossip about for a change. Or in other words there's almost no point in debating the merits of Huntelaar, Crouch, Young, Heinze, Robben etc and where they will fit into the team...we may as well discuss playing Mr T at centre back and Willie Carson in goal for what its worth!
      Im going to stick with the no news is good news strategy to cope with all this..erm ...excitement!! yawn.