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  • benidorm spur benidorm spur Jun 23, 2009 22:31 Flag

    raids on real and newcastle

    ok spurs get linked with everyone going , and real have quality to sell and newcastle have a couple players worth a punt. owen , martins and ryan taylor would be good squad aditions .
    any thoughts to them lot.

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    • is that a closet u just walked out of sfer lol.

      i think we have just missed the best signing so far. no not kn0b head ronaldo , but glen johnson. he would have been great for us.

    • eh ehm....I only have one word to that....Bale!

      That said, and I have never thought about this before, but we don't actually have a bad looking squad do we! Sounds very gay that but I will take my chances!

    • what and go from the handsome stylish spurs to the ugliest team since liverpool in the 80's lol

    • Good shout. Capel is a good un.

      I also agree that Robben is a complete t0sser BUT I could put up with that if he can still do it on the pitch.

      I don't think we need Cattermole. We have an enforcer in Palicios so unless it is just cover for him in case he gets injured or banned I can't see why we would need another bruiser.

      I can't wait to see who we end up with.......knowing our luck it will be Peter Beardsley or Ian Dowie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • champs league is a what will get young but i think there is a outside chance of luring him.

      as for robben i cant stand him , but he is a answer to the left side . just cant get passed the fact hes a kn0b.as for cattermole hes a hard nut that gets sent off alot so i wouldnt want him either.

      what about capel of sevilla he was touted a while ago to us and is quick too.

    • I think the Ashley Young thing is not gonna happen Beni. Why would he come to Spurs? If anything he is waiting for a move to a Champions League club here or abroad.

      I have seen links to Maxi Rodriguez of Atletico Madrid and Lee Catermole has been talked about today but not sure about that either.

      As far as our attack goes we all know Arry is a favourite of a big target man with a smaller pacey sidekick. If he has used Keane and Defoe together up front before it was either as an experiment or because he had no choice. Huntlaar is not the biggest but he is head and shoulders above Keane, Defoe and Owen.

      Still say Robben would be a good buy.

    • I can understand looking at some of the players at Real but Newcastle....please..............The team where relegated as a result of having a crap Chairman, a crap manager(s)....and crap footballers.....Why would we want any of them at Spurs....we want to be a top 4 team at the right end of the table next season...Stay away from the damaged goods. no to ex Newcastle players.

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      • i think that the cause of newcastles plit is the messing around behind the scenes. not all there players are that bad. again taylor stands out as a poss left back for us. and owens and martins have class. maybe they are not the ones for us , which is fair but if they were cheap enough are they worth a punt ???

        i still think ash young and huntellar (sorry on the spelling u all know i cant spell for toffee) would be the 2 options for us to inject pace and skill intop our squad.

    • Owen is shit

      Martins is good for 5 minutes or less in a game but also ends up on my "shit" pile with Owen

      Taylor is not too shabby

      ALL Real Madrid players are shit. I'd tell Kaka to fuck off myself. And that Ronaldo...well...don't even get me started on that poof

    • Even though there's some doubt regarding his real age, Martins definitely. Judging by the height of his somersault I'd gauge him at maybe mid 20s. Huge potential in a half decent team.

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      • defo hes got pace an power as well and i think if the price is right he would be worth ago. even owen on a free . if he lowers his wages then he might be ok. not sure how he would fit in though.

        any takers for taylor at left back??? good set piece taker and on the overlap as well. plus hes english and if the 6 and 5 rule comes in we would be covering another place.