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  • benidorm spur benidorm spur Jun 23, 2009 22:42 Flag

    too many cooks at spurs- i dont think so.

    just read this and thought well if it works the to hell with the cost or what people think. http://www.spurs.vitalfootball.co.uk/article.asp?a=7501395.

    i think if arry wants 30 coachs to help run spurs and turn them into a top 4 side then give him everthing he wants. all the top sides managers are left to run the side so if this is arrys way then so be it.

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    • Leave the cooking to Roger

      I'm currently out of TV work and the BBC didnt like my witty punditry as they found me offensive - cunts!!! For example i said i had just seen Andy Murray at Wimbledon and i said "Alright Andy, fancy doubling up?" And he said "yea, go on then" So i kicked him in the fucking bollox the cunt. And the Beeb had the audacity to say they found that offensive

      And i told Sky to fuck off as the ultimatum was me or Andy Gray. the Sky office wasnt big enough for the both of us. So i kicked that Andy in the bollocks too.

      So i'd give the cooking a try. Jack of all trades, me. I can toast and all sorts, beans, bread, beans

    • You can never have too many cooks, as long as they all understand there's only one head chef.

      It seems to me 'Arry's been much more of a manager than a coach since he arrived; of expectations, of players and of his 'teams', why shouldn't he delegate where appropriate. I realise that many of these coaches seem to be overlapping (none of them are defensive are they), but I think the boundaries of their remits are clear enough for them to not overlap and contradict each other. I think it's great to get input from a number of sources - musicians will often be trained by someone from another discipline (e.g. drumming tutors often teach rhythm to any instrument player) to get a difference perspective and add more dimension to their sound, so why shouldn't footballers?

      Also, most of these coaches (e.g. Sherwood, Redknapp Jnr if he joins - and if he does it'll be with the youth team - etc) only do 1, maybe 2 days a week; financially it should be equivalent to having 3 or 4 coaches full time.

      Last - but not least - players have academies to develop and train to their best possible ability, why shouldn't coaches get some sort of stewardship? If Jordan and Bond complement Redknapp so well, surely between the three of them they show the full range of coaching 'styles', which means young/new coaches should be able to see which one of them they identify with most and the pros & cons of their techniques. When Redknapp brought the coaches on board he said that he believed they could be the management future of the club, so why not haved them in apprenticeship with someone we hope will be a good example?