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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Jun 25, 2009 19:03 Flag

    spurs to play in green?

    Actually, I've just read the newspaper articles, and I was wrong; it's local pressure groups, not the club, and it's suggesting solar panels - unless it's a very unusual area solar panels aren't the most practical measure to be put in place (I could go into detail but won't bore you).

    But, if the club do consider it (which, if there's enough pressure put on them, they'll have to), they'll surely get experts in to assess it & come out with productive solutions, so I'm fully behind it.

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    • One other thing to consider is this ....if England are successful in getting the 2018 WC....then having a green stadium would be looked on favourably by FIFA. Up till now it has been a foregone conclusion that the goons deathstar would get the nod as one of Londons host stadiums. This could put us in with a shout of tipping the choice in our favour!.......oh and a new tube station next door might help too!