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  • Craig Craig Jun 25, 2009 16:09 Flag

    The new kits

    Horrendous. The Away kit is probably the best out of the lot, but that's probably just in comparison to the other two.

    The home kit looks like "streaks of urine in snow" according to talkSPORT and that's pretty accurate!

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    • I find it telling that they didn't use players to model the kits, but some freestyle trick dude...such is the nature of our team...no one knows who's going to be left standing next season...so why waste the money on fixing the page if the orignal palyer/model could end up playing for Ar5ena1 heh heh heh.

      Kits alright...especially now that the hooped socks have been banished!! The 3rd kit kid of sucks, home kit could be better, and agreed, the away kit is best..nothing earth shattering though.

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      • ...remember the plain white shirt with just the cockerel, blue shorts and white socks? How good did that look.... All white for away...

        ...but, as with the players, it's all money and marketting now..paying money to marketing and branding 'gurus' (who don't actually know any more than you and me - but have the gift of the gab to convince those with the money that they do)....

        The way to stop all this crap is to cut the money supply. If you don't like the shirt, don't buy it - that will lead to a rapid redesign. I've said this before, but football is the only business where the customer is treated like an idiot. They (the ubiquitous they) push up the price of players - add that cost to ticket and merchandise prices and pass it on to their loyal supporters. AND the supporters take it. If your favourite breccy cereal provider constantly upped its price to pay for more and more elaborate packaging - but didn't actually improve the product, you'd move onto something else. BUT THEY (the men in grey) know that supporters won't move. What a nice business.

        As Danny Baker would say TURMOIL

    • I liked it with the streaks of blue, you could have them in light blue on all three kits and it'd be ok I reckon (not good maybe on the yellow, but ok).

      Disappointing... the yellow on the home kit's really bad. Really really bad.

      (if you've not seen it it's at http://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/spurskit/?utm_source=Tottenhamhotspur&utm_medium=newsarticle&utm_campaign=kitlaunch)