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  • Hello luv, I couldn't help but notice the denizens of the gentleman’s club KEEP referring to you as MEL !!

    This is despite the fact you have told them REPEATEDLY that you are NOT Mel! Your name is clearly displayed on the board, so what can be the reason? Well, either they are delinquents or they are senile. I prefer the former, as those in their mid 40’s rarely suffer from senility these days....but you never know!

    Just look at the LATEST exchange:-

    >>I've finally booked my holiday!!
    >>Kentish Maid : A week in Corfu next month - can't wait
    >>Irons: where abouts in corfu mel [??????]...........i love corfu

    Tut tut!

    You, my dear, side-stepped poor iron’s little fumble in order to avoid him further embarrassment.

    [Just as an aside note, I am reliably informed by his missus, Sue, that he fumbles all the time and his aim is atrocious. That’s why she gets no satisfaction from him, which is where I come in – in more ways than one...hehe! Anyway, enough of this before a cold shower becomes a necessity....]

    I feel you are being too kind hearted and need to STAND UP for yourself. Don’t let these imbeciles walk all over you dear, you need to nip their impolite behaviour in the bud! Don’t overdo it though please, as a bud is all that irons has (again according to Sue...)

    Since the delinquent (irons) has chosen to pass over his mishap in the hope you did not spot his error (which I know for a FACT you did), please allow me to apologies on his behalf, I am sure it will not happen again especially after he has read this post.



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