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  • Jlock Jlock Jul 13, 2009 16:41 Flag

    Oh, controversy

    Here's one for you all - based on the Early Doors article today.

    Given that JT seems to be waivering over whether to join Man C and given the ludicrous wages being bandied around, do you think that it's right that football clubs (in the UK predominantly) completely overcharge their supporters to partially fund the ridiculous wages that the clubs are willing to pay?

    If players were on 100 times the national average wage, isn't that enough to compensate them for a short career?

    In 'the old days' the argument was put forward that players were 'overpaid' as their footballing life expectancy was a quarter of a normal persons. BUT that was in the days when you worked all your life for the same company and got a clock at the end of 50 years service. Does that argument still work - and how long do you think 'joe public' will put up with being charged silly money to fund the palyers lifestyles?

    OK, so football is entertainment, but if they charged you £40+ to watch a 90 minute film, wouldn't you object?

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    • Its a vicious circle and as usual its the supporters who get conned. The clubs know how much the supporters are willing to pay to see them play and they take advantage although that is spurred on by the fans demands to buy better and better players to give them the success the fans think they deserve so in a perverse way it is our own fault!

      The split in terms of the top clubs in the PL and the also rans is only going to get worse and that will mean even more ridiculous demands from players and therefore even higher ticket prices until at some point more and more fans become sofa supporters.

      The big money from the likes of Sky is keeping the situation artificially in control as lower attendance at games is not an issue but once the balance swings too far (and some would say it has already) then watching a big game on telly with only a few thousand rich bu66ers in the stadium will not be the same and only then will things begin to change IMO.

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      • agreed it is a terrible circle but its not only ticket prices that we get charged a fortune for then there is the constant kit changes every season on average 40 quid then the price merchandise in general.

        I am of the belief it will come to a head supporters will stop turning up and clubs will go bankrupt only a matter of time the price of competing with the money bag clubs is a non win battle for the rest...........