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  • Jlock Jlock Jul 13, 2009 19:52 Flag

    Oh, controversy

    Interesting (all be it old) articles:

    ...but seasons come and go, and the grounds are still full with waiting lists a mile long.
    At what point do you see the bubble bursting? What then? Everbody reverts to their local clubs and pays £10 to stand in the rain?

    I honestly thought the game would hit the wall a couple of seasons back - but it seems that the average supporter is willing to ignore the fact the ignorant gits who play the game treat them with contempt. Loyalty and honesty being the biggest victims of the players egos.

    And, while the punter is spending his hard earned cash, he spends his time not even watching the action, but singing songs and pointing at the opposition supporters....

    How long before SKY promote the first 'virtual' league? No players wages, no egos. The virtual game - available on your 4g phone - watch at any time of the day. Transfers, sackings, injuries - all controlled by a silicon chip.

    Do you want odds that the idea has already been discussed?

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    • Football must be the ONLY 'entertainment' industry that treats its punters like imbecilic cannon fodder! The trouble is we are a captive audience. If you see a crap film at the cinema you go and see a different one the following week...we dont do that in football (unless you are a pathetic glory hunting plastic)...we moan and groan and threaten ...and then we turn up again the following week full of optimism! Hey we are imbeciles haha!
      The clubs have us over a barrell and they know it....its just a shame that its probably gonna take the collapse of our beloved game or at least some rather painful seasons of decline for it to change rather than some bright spark saying..'hang on if we do it 'this way' we can keep the game we love and the thousands of happy spectators. Sorry Im not that bright spark as I dont know what 'this way' is yet.....we all know though dont we...that if the game carries on the way its going it will consume itself in its greed....how long before the powers that be have the guts to address the rot?

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      • EY,
        I'm not sure either. Capping wages? Not paying ludicrously high transfer fees? Forcing all transfers through the FA and abolishing agents?

        The insane part of this now (and this is a prime example) is that more is spoken about players (off pitch antics), managers, agents blah blah blah, than the games themselves. Its all but as though football is turning into a parody of the dumbed down tv 'reality' shows. The football itself seems to be secondary - the talk about the latest upsets, transfers, sackings ... paramount. The players are 'media' stars.

        I'm not sure that there is a solution - much like the greed in the banking - the only thing that brings it down to earth is an almighty crash. But then it will just dust itself off and repeat the same old mistakes.

        I wonder what Jimmy Hill now thinks (seriously) about the players wages?