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  • Morning fellas,

    I don't think having someone of his experience would do us any harm at all as far as mentoring some of the younger midfielders is concerned. Can he do a job for us on the pitch? Maybe. Do I like the idea of an ex-dyed-in-the-wool Gooner coming to the Lane? NO I BLEEDIN' DON'T!!!!

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    • It makes a lot of footballing sense I grant you that (especially if it was on a free transfer....although ive read figures of 3 million banded about today!) As for the baggage....well that just wont ever sit right will it? I doubt we will be singing his name (unless he bags the winner against the goons eh)...what if he dared kiss our badge!! Blasphemy!!
      I dont think it will bother the goons much (as John says) so its hardly revenge for the scumpbell thing either is it? If its possible to seperate the football thing from everything else (and Harry is a master of that) then I can see it working....problem is there are so many other levels where this just feels SO wrong and we yids are not too forgiving down at the Lane. Mind you I have NEVER booed a player in a Spurs shirt (no matter how bad they play) and I wouldnt boo Vieira either. Cant say fairer than that.