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  • A Yahoo! User Jul 15, 2009 16:31 Flag

    Man Citeh - Money really does talk!

    Heres the funny thing......this week they have bought Tevez and probably Adebyor....add that to Cruz, Bellamy, Robinho, Caicedo, Bojinov and Evans....I make that 8 ( I think Jo is going to Everton no?) Anyway...at least 6 of those Hughes must have promised first team football to........dont quite add up does it?....unless he plans to outdo Ardiles with the old attacking football and forget about defending altogether. Lets hope so eh!

    Its ludicrous and I give Hughes 3 games to keep his job....thats right THREE games!!.....if he doesnt have like 7 odd points by then the towell heads will sack him and install Scolari or someone!!

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    • stupid Yahoo.
      Anyway shall we assume that Bellamy will be on his way again?
      Weve already been linked to him recently........does that bloke ever join a club and think.....ahh this is where I want to end my career? Fuck me he's had more clubs than a colony of Canadien fur seals!