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  • Silly buggers......I know we shouldnt get bogged down in all this exciting transfer speculation (aka crap) but my sources today are predicting 1 maybe 2 BIG signings by this weekend. And Im not talking Vieira and Crouch........Im hearing A Young is having a medical tomorrow and either Huntelaar or Negredo from Madrid are close.
    Of course my sources may be an overactive imagination, some old lady who reads tea leaves or a talking hamster.....but theres no harm in dreaming. I remember last season getting all excited at the prosepct of Bentley being the one to help us storm into the top 4......even if we were to get one or 2 of those mentioned today....until they do the business in the white shirt I refuse to get in anyway aroused....erm I mean optimistic.

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    • there you are pilchard, god you are as deluded as ever!!

    • ive been watching this develop over the last few days i think viera would be a good siging in the respect that he can offer his experiance to the younger players could be a shrewd move by arry.
      Also think getting beckham on loan if we can would be a another shrewd move he might not have the pace but he has a great football brain.
      Huntelaar im hoping a praying will be announced by the weekend according to the media he has issued a come and get me plea to arry but that could just be a ploy to get other english clubs after him wouldnt be the first time a player has done that Lets just wait and see if the weekend brings some great news.


    • BIG rumour on Huntelaar EY so you could be on there mate and I for one would be very "aroused" if that came off. He looks class.

      Not sure about Crouch although Arry obviously rates him.

      STILL want that LM/Wing slot filled though - I keep bleating on about it cos I beleive one of the main parts of a good side is balance and with Mordic, as good a player as he is, in that position we look unbalanced.

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      • This afternoon the rumours are leaning more towards Negredo who I admit to knowing b*gger all about.

        As for AY....chelski are claiming he's having a medical at theirs instead. I'd have to question his motives going there as the bridge is a veritable graveyard for decent nippy wingers (Duff, Robben, Wright Phillips etc)....also he'd be competing with Joe Cole and ...oh that foreign dude who's name escapes me......so he's not exactly gonna be first choice each week. Surely sitting on the bench isnt going to improve his chances of a WC place with Capello either? Of course the lure of the lucre, champions league football and maybe some medals is always going to give them a massive edge in the market but surely the example of Wright Phillips would be enough to put AY off.