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  • Charlie Charlie Jul 17, 2009 15:36 Flag

    Essex Pilchard

    is he around still chuntering away?

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    • oi pilchard you are obsessed with master slave relationship which we all know about as we know what clubs you go to!!

      Maybe jamie noice can be your gimp he likes to bite hehe and pillow bite!!!

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      • seriously.....is that what you got Muttley?
        Yawn...why dont you throw in the towel son....your simply (as in simpleton) not in my league......I can almost feel you trembling with rage every time I yank your chokechain...........thats no way to take me on is it?..........grow up son.......I'll give you ONE more chance to show us all why we yids should respect your posts...........this is your big moment Muttley...will you be best in show at Crufts or just another candidate for animal hospital?
        ready...steady.......chase that stick!

    • Tut tut Muttley...what a p*ss poor attempt at putting one over on me.........your master!
      You do realise that when you start up a thread about one particular poster you have already lost face and made a complete cnut of yourself dont you? hehehehe.............this is too easy.....now do you have anything else to offer before you fcuk off?

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      • Gooner! Next time why not try this post.......

        "I was just wondering if I could please have some more ridicule piled on me from a particular regular contributor on your lovely Spurs Message Board. Last season I made a complete ar$e of myself and couldn't muster a decent comeback if I tried so I thought that I would seek out my tormentor again so I could make myself look even more stupid than I obviously am. Please don't feel bad about making fun of me and chuckling to yourselves in regard to my absolute and complete lack of humility and football knowledge as I have already made a C*unt of myself on many occasions!"

        At least that would be an honest post......now Fcuk off back to the hole that you crawled out of!