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  • Morning Beefy, morning everyone,

    Did anybody see this...


    I think he may have a point there...what do you reckon?

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    • YoooHoooo hello Graham.... lack or ambition and lack of cash - no top4 for you my lardy friend!

    • I agree with EY. Crouch is difficult to defend against and knows where the back of the net is....He is good for 15+ goals in a season. He is a good professional, rarely picks up injuries and does his bit for the team. We are blessed with a glut of attackers that are all good in different ways so will allow 'Arry to pick the correct blend depending on the opposition.

      The more worrying position for me is on the left, where we are in need of some class.....I personally would love to see ashley young crossing the ball for Crouchy to get on the end of...we have players like Defoe and Keano that will thrive on the balls that ricochet off his gangly frame. Lennon and Young on the wings could just keep pinging the ball in to create beaucoup chances, I think that this would make us a scary proposition for the rest of the PL teams.

    • Greeting LTS........Im of the opinion that Crouch is often underated. I think he will improve the squad not just by goals scored but by giving us the option of a different formation, game plan and most obviously his assist rate. Our current strikers (Bent and Pav in particular) simply did not achieve this last season. Therefore I belive Crouch would be an improvement on what we had going last year.
      Naturally I'd like to see us in for classier individuals like Huntellar but we could probably only afford one like that this season...so whos it gonna be to drastically change our fortunes? Negredo sounds promising but what do we know of him...is he another GDS?
      Maybe 2 or 3 cheaper buys will have the same effect all round?
      Im not trying to champion the mediocre purchase option over buying the real class players...but I think we might just be struggling a bit to attract the top talent for various reasons (no euro footy, salary cap, new stadium cost etc) which may mean we have to make the best of whats available to us....lets not forget how many times a big expensive 'star' has proved a false dawn for us....maybe Levy has gone back to basics!

    • I really really hope we dont sign crouch,(just the thought of him at spurs)NO Arry,please not crouch keep Bent Defoe Robbie
      and Pav .He will come good this year (BUT NOT GROUCH)

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      • Im gonna have to disagree with you there Rich.....I reckon Crouch can do a far better job than Bent for us and unless Pav fulfills his promise next season I would say Crouch will out score him too!
        We know he is a freak but he scores everywhere he goes (including England)..thats a FACT...and to borrow a much used cliche he is 'very skilfull for a big lad'. So apart from the disappointment of not being able to attract the world top strikers and the fact that Crouch has the whitest legs this side of the north pole....what exactly is the reason some people do not want him in Spurs shirt?