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  • What if we tell portsmouth that we give em bent PLUS 16.5mil that we used to buy him for crouch....and they still might need some persuading!!!!

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    • Morning EY and all. I am surprised to see you would welcome Crouch to the Lane.
      I thought we were trying to improve the squad and cannot see anyway that Crouch will do that. He has scored goals wherever he played I agree, but like Bent he misses many more than he scores, now who else have I heard described like that.....?
      Sorry IMO he is not a class player and I was hoping we would buy some class to improve our staff.
      Can't see any point in adding more mediocre players to the squad.
      As the item says "Why aren't we bidding for Huntelaar?" Sky news quotes a daily paper we have at least bid £17m for Negredo, we'll see.