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  • Wayne Wayne Jul 22, 2009 19:31 Flag

    spurs...lack of ambition?

    Not a lack of ambition, but balancing the books finally.
    We spent big last xmas to guarantee survival, so now we must sell some players first.
    Theres atleast 30million pounds of talent here I would consider dead wood just getting a massive payday every week from us.So let levy and Rednapp get on with it, and if we start as bad as we did last season. Then we can really apeshit!! COYS

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    • the editor of a sheffield newspaper was asked about the potential of kyle and naughton....he rates rthem very highly

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      • Actually I think Wayne has raised a very good point there. We did buy 'big' in January be it for obvious reasons. Cant remember off the top of my head exactly how much we spent but it was something like 14 million for Palacious, 12 for Keane and 15 for Defoe. Now I know we were at panic stations at the time but not only did these guys keep us up but they are/will be vital to our performances/results next season. In other words a very good and 'ambitious' investment perhaps. The lack of activity in this window may simply be down to the fact that we now have a fairly decent squad and only really lack a bit of width on the left and another decent striker. Its been mentioned before but this current squad...on form under Harry...was worth 5th place last season. Surely to achieve that or better would require only a little bit of tweaking rather than a massive overhaul of personel?
        Ramos tried a virtual rebuild......didnt work did it? Im not saying we are one or two players away from a CL spot......but a top 6 place is very achievable even with what we currently have ....no lack of ambition for me.......IMO.