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  • Charlie Charlie Jul 22, 2009 00:05 Flag

    One for Noyce

    A man in a arsenal shirt, a man in a tottenham shirt and a smartly dressed black guy were all in a maternity waiting room, all nervously awaiting news on there wives whom were all in labour.
    After a while a midwife comes rushing in.
    "Fantastic news gents" she beamed "youv'e all got healthy baby boys".
    "Amazingly"she continued "they all weighed exactly seven pounds 8 ounces and were all born at nine fifteen"
    "Unfortunantly its caused confusion and we have no way of telling whose baby is whose"
    Stunned silent.
    "Now what we want is for you to go in one by one and bring out the baby you think is yours".
    "Me first" says the gooner and follows the nurse through.
    Moments later he returns holding a baby that is unmistakably black.
    "Excuse me mate" says the black guy jumping to his feet "but im pretty sure thats my son".
    "Sorry mate" said the gooner "i couldn't take the risk of getting the yiddo"

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    • You know the funniest thing about that joke? You probably don't even get it Charlie!! Not to mention that, judging by your previous inane ramblings with their indecipherable grammar, today's lesson was cutting and pasting because there's no way you typed that out......you are such a typical gooner gimp.

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      • so what ur saying is that it is better to be black then a spurs fan , so u r sayiong there is something wrong with being black.!!! that makes u a racist and i bet there r arsenal fans who r coloured. i know there have been players and r players.

        viera , toure, gibbs, wright,rocastle,thomas,cole,gallas and im only skimming the surface are coloured and have been servants to ur club along with many fans .

        does this means u r slagging them off too????

        i happen to b white not that it matters and i find u disgracefull, so go and hid some where and never come here again. cos spurs r not racist neither r most if any teams fans in the EPL and we dont want u here.