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  • Ok the 2 lads from Sheff Utd are on board......thoughts?
    Does this mean farewell to Hutton and Chim?
    Not sure of the terms yet so its possible that one or even both may go back to the 'other' Lane on loan for next season.

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    • TBH I wouldn't want to see Hutton go - he's not had a good time of it since moving down south but I've been impressed with him when he's played and rate him more highly than Chimbonda (who at Peterborough on Tuesday was frankly woeful).

      Now Zokora has gone I feel Hutton could still have a role to play and would prefer him to be the regular RB if Corluka and Woodgagte/King are going to be our CBs (with Daws on standby when fit).

      Don't know much about the 2 Kyles and it remains to be seen whether they can translate their Championship success to the Premiership (don't want to see them doing a Bale do we?).

    • Given their age and relative inexperience I can't see them walking into the first team anytime soon. There may be loan moves on the horizon but who knows....maybe they will get blooded in the cup matches so 'Arry can judge their potential. It may be that they are sh*t hot and start to make an impact but I'm not holding my breath. I think that even though we are on the lookout for class players to improve our squad it is still prudent to invest in young talent for the future and I think most clubs will adopt this policy to a certain degree. It's nice to know that the present is going to be taken care of with 1st team acquisitions but also comforting that our beloved Spurs are looking to the future too! This can only be a positive move......