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  • If this mornings press reports are to be believed it looks like a straight battle between us and the scum for Huntelaars signature.
    To be realistic we dont have much chance in that case do we? They can match his personal terms and transfer fee....plus they have CL football(maybe?) and a pedigree in working with Dutch footballers ( I nearly said 'grooming') but resisted. Does anyone out there see any reason why KJH would come here?
    I welcome comments from serious gooners too....oh and fully expect Muttley to sniff my ar5e at least once!.........
    so who's gonna get him if it aint Stuttgart?

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    • Seeing as you are welcoming to a "serious gooner" i thought i,d take time to tell you how it is, i apologise beforehand if it offends the more fragile Spurs supporter but hope they can rise above it and take it in the manner in which it is meant.

      I take it that when you say "it looks like a straight battle between us and the scum for Huntelaars signature" by "scum" you are refering to the "better half of north London" and its the "politics of envy" that make you feel the need to refer to the glorious red and white army that looms large over that tiny little stadium where those silly billys you so bravely support do their upmost to play premier standard football.


      In answer to your question, quite simply, IF you and we were both wanting his signature then its game over for you guys, sorry, thats just the way it is.

      Thank you for inviting my input.

      Much love.

    • Not really bothered about getting him...............
      The centre back position is a real problem now, it looks like the injury jinx has struck b4 the season has even started!!
      I'm even thinkin now is Ledley worth keepin anymore?? Which I find hard, because I believe he is right up there even half fit!!

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      • The weird thing about Ledley's 'injury' is that (as I understand it from what I've read) he hasn't done anything new to his knee, it's just playing up - it's not an injury as much as persistence of the problem. In which case I don't understand how he can be fighting to be fit in time for the start of the season, surely it's just his ongoing battle?

        Seems to me this'll be his last season (hopefully ending in World Cup Glory), I reckon it'd be wisest to keep him on a pay-per-play while he does his coaching badges and have him on a 'we'll see' playing basis.

        You can't get rid of The King!

    • essex we know you are grooming little Jay (Noyce)

      as for huntelaar I am not sure both sides need him that badly could be an expensive signing for a good but not great player.