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  • Kentish Maid Kentish Maid Jul 25, 2009 16:38 Flag

    Last night's game

    Thought we did way better in the 2nd half than the 1st.

    Good to see 'Arry blooding some of the youngsters. I like the look of Danny Rose - could he be the answer to our left midfield problem?

    Good equalising goal from Livermore - he did well at Peterborough on Tuesday night too.

    Seems like the core of the team will be Corluka, Assou-Ekotto, Modric, Lennon, Palacios and Defoe. Thought Hutton did well too but couldn't work out whether the cheering every time he got the ball was ironic or not.

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    • I definitely liked to see the youngsters in there getting some minutes - I thought they all did well. Modric gets man of the match in my opinion - he was all over the park, and was always productive. Hud was good, Lennon is quick and when he is firing on all cylinders, the best r wing in the prem. AE has improved a lot over the past year, but he seemed to give the ball away too often with lack of control on his passes out of defense (is it because he tries to be a little too fancy and then get's stuck and has to just hoof it upfield?). We are gonna need center back squared away because I don't think what we have as cover is going to hold up too well in the prem style of play this season.

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      • Seems to me the team will need to play in a more disciplined manner when facing strong continental opposition. The Spurs were all over the shop wasting energy chasing, when they ought to have been placing passes more intelligently, seems to me (pala, o'hara, hutton) were regularily sending hard won balls back to the Spaniards. We need to be more confident in our defence, and maintain position play. Positional discipline, rather than a headless chicken scramble, that's what i thought was wrong.
        Sorry folks but i have already got that sinking feeling.
        Mebbe Harry is not "THE MAN..."

    • Not sure about the game. not happy about the barca line up. Regards Huttons cheering it was in response to the celtic fans booing every time he got the ball. (celtic fans from the previous game. Hutton being ex rangers player)

    • Agreed second half was much better, I thought Naughton was brilliant - got stuck straight in and did a good job. Livermore did well with the goal, but it was the exact sort of ball that Defoe should've been on the end of; he was poor all night.

      As was Jenas (I know you'll be shocked to hear me say that!). He got stuck in a lot, which is wherehe's normally critised, but seemed unable to do anything with the ball afterwards.Palacios also had a bad night, couldn't pass to save his life, and Lennon's crossing was back to the old standard. Corluka was anonymous for most of the night.

      On the flip side Hutton did well, Huddlestone shone for me - barely put a foot wrong in either CB or AM roles. Gomes looked as though he felt really confident and comfortable in his role, and Cudicini made some good saves. Gomes was clearly number 1 from the showing, but great confidence in the back up. Thought O'Hara did well, and Modric was great.

      A couple of the youngsters did well but the substitutions were coming so thick and fast I can't remember who was who.

      The atmosphere was rubbish! I got the impression it was the acoustics (and lack of proper fans - no interesting cheers and loads of people leaving 20 mins early, I was really glad they missed the goal!), but it was really quiet. Maybe that had something to do with stuck up in the Gods...

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      • NBR,
        Totally agree. The catalyst(s) for the second half 'revival' seemed to be moving The Hudd into mid field and RK doing his usual hard work up front ...... or it could just have been the fact that Barca put out their U14 team.....

        Jenas was on the ball far more than I've seen him for ages. Palacios - I'm still not convinced about him at all. I think he may end being a liability.

        But hey - all we need to do is to beat Celtic by 1 more goal than Barca beat the Mummies and we win the cup! Should be an interesting couple of games tomorrow.